Top 10 Home Cleaning Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Best Offer sells household products, healthy and beauty products, wellness supplements, non-prescription medicinal items, groceries, school supplies, and organic items all in one compact online store to have delivered to your home, or business within two days for your shopping convenience. read more >
1-800-GOT-JUNK is the world's largest full service junk removal service.  The junk removal service offers removal of junk for your home or business.  They will haul and dispose of appliances, furniture, computer hardware and monitors, leaves, debris, and rubbish, and whatever else might be... read more >
Oreck is a corporation that has its roots in manufacturing light-weight and durable vacuum cleaners for the U.S. hotel industry. They have since expanded and offer a large selection of products for the home including: Upright Vacuums Handheld and Canister Vacuums Vacuum Bags Air Purifiers Ste... read more >
Eat Cleaner is lab proven to remove harmful wax, residue and contaminants that  water cannot to help your body get the most benefit out of healthy foods. Made with FDA approved Eat Cleaner remove soils, pesticide residue and contaminants that can carry bacteria from fresh produce poultry and se... read more > is an international laundry pickup network that offers online laundry interactive services to laundry vendors, clients and independent house cleaning brokers. Since the company’s launching in 2008, it has been steadily growing and creating new online interactive tools for v... read more >
Roux Maison is a company which is motivated on offering high quality detergent products and stain removers for the masses for an affordable and competitive price.  The company’s products take the concept of regular laundry and quite aptly used earth & fabric-friendly ingredients to cl... read more > is a website operating under “Song Whale, LLC”. Song Whale by the way is an interactive technology company which enables brands to reach the consumers. This website offers cleaners the can help homemakers to makers to do the house chores easier. Products include Kitchen Cl... read more >
My Cleaning Products is a website providing high quality and unique green cleaning products for many different uses. These “cleaners infused with wellness”, as they call them on the official website, are made of natural ingredients that are safe, green and very effective. There are many ... read more > is a website that belongs to BioFOG Inc., which is the developer and manufacturer of SCOE 10x. As the company calls itself, it is “The odor elimination company.” Other products are sold on the website as well, but every one of them is related with the odors elimination. read more >
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All three companies carry great and highly recommended vacuums and floor cleaning products. Dyson is rather expensive compared to the other companies, but they are also highly rated. Dyson carries a nice selection of accessories for cleaning. Shark Clean has some of the highest customer ratings on t...
Published by Sam Montana 5 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
HomeJoy is an effective choice for those who want reassurances about quality due to their certification requirements. Handy is ideal for people who need last second service due to Handy’s next-day feature. Bid My Cleaning is more suited for those who need flexibility with pricing and scheduling in...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 27 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
Dyson is a high end brand as far as top vacuums go. It's expensive but this is because it's the toughest, has the best suction, and the best warranty. Shark vacuums are better for people who really need portability since they have a lot of the small portable canister vacs. If you want good cheap ste...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 48 months ago in | +1 votes | 25 comments
I just received my SonicScrubber, here's what I found. We also found a coupon promo code for a SonicScrubber discount!
Published by Amanda Bradbury 105 months ago in Home Cleaning | +4 votes | 49 comments
Home Cleaning Q&A Threads
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I have several stains on a bedroom rug that have come back after having been fairly successfully removed a couple of years ago.  How can I keep them out for good?
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Last answer by Sam Montana 55 months ago: Here are a couple of housecleaning books that should help you. Martha Stewart's Housekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home [Hardcover] The Easy WayTo Clean: How to clean your house using a three times faster method [Kindle Edition] Super Simple Ho... read more
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Last answer by Arnan Joey Timogan 55 months ago: Hi, I just viewed this website regarding the 3R's (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle). Its a good website that teach you on what to do regarding old items. Link: Regards, Arnan read more
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Last answer by Sam Montana 55 months ago: According to, the best grout cleaners by customer rating are:  KRC-7 Ultra Foaming Bathroom Cleaner/Restorer - 32oz Zep Inc 32Oz Zep Grout Cleaner Zu104632 Kitchen & Bath Cleaner Grout Sensation Tile and Grout Cleaner- Concentrated Formula - 1 Quart. This grout cleaner adver... read more
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Last answer by Casey in Real Life 55 months ago: From "Learning how to clean silver plated items properly can keep your treasures looking their best. Some polishing techniques used on solid silver like flatware or jewelry can damage silver plated items, which have only a thin layer of silver electroplated over another m... read more
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Last answer by Dr. B 56 months ago: As a Dermatology specialist, I recommend vinegar.  Simple white vinegar works well to soften clothes and doesn't leave behind an odor after it dries. read more
Asked by The Doctor Is In 56 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Casey in Real Life 56 months ago: According to my research, your best choice would be any laundry detergent available to you which is dye-free. Dreft, Ivory Snow or All Clear branded detergents typically have this quality. Also avoid any which might have perfumes or added scents to them.If you can, switch from powder to liquid, if ... read more
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Last answer by aerial 56 months ago: Stain & Odor removal (Pets) The product listed above completely removes all organic stains and odors and formulated especially for pet stain and odor problems. It is safe to use around pets and children. The customers have used this product for removal of stain and odor arising out of Cat's ur... read more
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